Delivery Information



As soon as Custom Boxes Zone dispatches a delivery it doesn't follow the following

  • Guidelines set by postal offices
  • Any rules and regulations laid down by independent postal offices.
  • Assist anyone in guiding postal routes or choosing method of assembly of delivery.


Advertisements and promotions:

  • We often send promotional materials to our clients and customers as we know how impactful solid marketing can be. Customers may also receive codes for coupons in their mail or emails. We do this to equip our customers with seasonal and promotional offers so they can enjoy benefit of discounts. 
  • In order to redeem your coupons kindly read the terms and conditions before using coupon in anyway. All the coupon have expiry date so redeem your vouchers before that. Terms and conditions will help you become aware of the service offered.  We also offer special discounts to certain customers who have high level of association with our company and are with us since so many years.
  • Coupons are given to offer some discount in price. You cannot use these coupons to lower the tax liability.
  • Another important point to remember is that only one coupon will be valid at one time. In no way you can use more than one coupon at same order. Therefore choose your coupon wisely as only one coupon is allowed and you will not be permitted to use other code for more discounts.
  • Using coupons is fairly simple. Just note down the discount code and enter it on the space given while placing your order.
  • We don’t work with third parties therefore our coupons are valid only on products available at our website. Some links for third parties might be given on our website but these coupon won't be applicable on such parties too.
  • Company has the full authority to decide which items will be included in discount offers and on which item discount coupons will not apply.
  • Our coupons are not for transferring to anyone associated or not associated to you nor are these for resale purposes.
  • You cannot claim cash in exchange for coupons and we not liable to deal in such offers
  • Our company bears no responsibility if your coupon is removed, stolen or deleted.
  • All the promotional content and codes are strictly time bound and expire after that time. Many coupons are just for one season so you cannot claim the discount after the expiry date. Therefore actively choose your coupon and make sure it's still valid before using it.
  • Upon cancellation only actual amount you paid will be refunded. Coupons are non-refundable.


  • All prices on website are in dollars and we accept MasterCard, VISA card and PayPal payments.
  • Any fraud or unlawful past might result in rejection of payment.
  • At the time you place your order make sure you pay us completely.