Refund Policy


Check the consignment on arrival:

We advise all our customers to check the shipment as soon as they receive it from their local courier. If the consignment is in perfect condition you don’t need to take any step. However in case of any damage, it's your liability to take digital images (which we require as proof of damage) and inform the courier company immediately in order to obtain a refund or exchange.  If somehow you fail to inform concerned courier company and within the given time frame then your refund policy will be revoked and we will not be liable to pay any damages.

Refund policy:

  • Once you have informed all the appropriate authorities you can either claim a refund of damaged product or re-order it.  To claim our return policy you have 3 working days.  Failure to inform within three days will void the return policy between you and the company. And you have to pay full amount for reprinting. Contacting the company within three days will cover all reprinting and rescheduling of your job and you won’t have to pay anything.  Our refund time is usually 25 working days starting from the day refund policy was approved and processed.
  • We require digital images of damaged items to start refund or return policy procedure with specified time frame.
  • If we found or suspected any fraudulent activity by client to deceive the company then return policy will be cancelled and a legal action might be taken.

Kindly read the condition that are necessary for return policy to applicable.

  1. Product was delivered damaged or defected on arrival.
  2. Product is not as per the sample product approved by you before the printing process or any specific requirement is missing
  3. Color or artwork is different from the one you asked.

Delayed shipment:

We will only account for delays caused by our production department.  Delays caused by following reasons will not considered due to following circumstances:

  • Delays caused by uncertain whether condition and natural disasters. As these factors are beyond human control and can hamper the supply and delivery chain. These factor can cause unspecified delays in manufacturing and shipment process.
  • Delays caused by custom and clearance officers and departments on airports. Most of our shipments are shipped via airmail/ cargo so these are subject to custom clearance. Any hindrance caused by custom department can cause delay in delivery date.
  • Delays caused by courier companies like FedEx etc. Their delivery can be delayed due to uncertain conditions like technical faults or weather conditions.
  • Delays due to incomplete or wrong delivery address given by customers while ordering the box. Or if customer is unable to pick the other on specified date.

Refund After Sampling:

If you have secure your order with us and order custom sampling before mass production. And we deliver you the samples and you reject it with out any valid reason and want your amount to be refunded. 30% of the total ordering amount will be charged as sampling fee from the paid amount. For more info please call us at +1-800-203-6657.